Membership is completely free! We won't charge you anything during our partnership.


We have certain simple rules on affiliate recruitment.
1. Affiliates must have generated some network earnings (no zero bar affiliates)
2. If affiliates are listed as “new” in our programs, then their site must be well suited for LITB (i.e. no insurance or financial sites, etc)
3. Websites must be operational!
4. URL must be valid, description and type must be true.
5. We avoid recruiting websites with banner overload, mere Twitter/Facebook accounts, or too numerous spelling mistakes.

However, we do not allow the promotion of the following subject matter:
. Sexually explicit material
. Violence
. Discrimination of any kind
. Illegal activities


LightInTheBox offers an attractive commission rate.

Commissions are paid based on the amount of the purchase (product value).
Specific commissions might be offered to specific affiliates(incentive commission/ super cashback affiliates, etc.)



We provide all promotional materials that you can use for the promotion,i.e banner, text link,datafeed,etc.
For example, if one of your site visitors clicks on LightInTheBox affiliate link and ends up buying a product from our website, you'll earn commission on the purchased products.


Monitoring the sales of our program is easy. All our affiliation platforms provide order monitoring and reporting systems. As third party independent platforms, they also guarantee the interests of affiliates and pay commissions on time.


We provide a wide range of effective promotional materials for our affiliates: textual links, banners, data feeds, themed promotions, and much more. In addition, we provide customized materials on request. Please feel free to contact our affiliate team anytime at

Please indicate your channels and market/country in detail in the mail, so that we can reply to you more efficiently. doesn't allow the use of trademark bidding or URL bidding.
Trademark keywords that publishers CANNOT bid on for search marketing campaigns are "www lightinthebox com", "lightinthebox", "light in the box", "light in a box" and any other terms with the word "Light In The Box", it's misspellings or derivatives, including "Light In The Box + Term" (e.g. "lightinthebox coupon").
Please be aware that we closely monitor Trademark biddings infringements and that all orders based on technology in conflict with our policy shall not be validated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our affiliate team at