LightInTheBox Supplier Code of Conduct


At LightInTheBox, we are aimed at offering our customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices. Our values have remained the cornerstone of our business- a key pillar of those is respecting human rights.


This Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the Code) applies to suppliers of LightInTheBox. Suppliers include anyone that provides products and services to LightInTheBox. Suppliers should comply with the Code throughout business corporation with LightInTheBox. Moreover, suppliers shall ensure that their business partners directly or indirectly involved in the offering process of products or services to LightInTheBox also abide by the Code, including but not limited to subcontractors, agents and/or third-party suppliers.


Execution of any agreement between supplier and LightInTheBox, suppliers’ acceptance of a purchase order, and/or offering goods to LightInTheBox shall be deemed to consent and accept the Code. Any supplier violating the Code shall be subject to corresponding adverse consequences, including but not limited to termination of business with LightInTheBox. LightInTheBox reserves the right to audit or inspect suppliers to determine whether they are complying with this Code of Conduct when any potential violation occurs.


  1. Legal requirements. Suppliers must conduct their business in full compliance with all relevant laws, rules, governmental orders and regulatory requirements in the countries or regions where they operate their business and where products are transported and sold.


  1. No forced labor. Suppliers must not use forced labor, including involuntary prison labor, bonded labor, exploited labor, trafficked labor, or any other forms of forced labor in their operations, subcontractors’operations, and supply chain. Furthermore, suppliers shall comply with the forced labor clauses in International Labor Organization's Conventions on forced labor.


  1. No underage employees. Suppliers must not hire minors under age 16. If suppliers have any juvenile employees, who have reached the age of 16 but under the age of 18, suppliers must not arrange for juvenile employees to engage in work that is physically harmful, and should provide such employees with the necessary work protection.


  1. No discrimination, harassment and abuse. Suppliers shall treat their employees with fairness, respect and dignity. Suppliers must not engage in or tolerate discrimination based on individuals’gender, race, religious belief, age, disability status, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, marital status, nationality, political opinion, social or ethnic background, or any other aspects against which such discrimination is prohibited under the applicable laws of relevant country and region. Suppliers must not harass or abuse their employees physically, sexually, mentally or verbally.


  1. Freedom of association and collective bargaining. Suppliers should respect employees’rights to freely form and join workers’ organizations such as trade unions, worker associations and worker councils or committees for the promotion and defence of occupational interests. Suppliers also respect employees’ rights to express their views freely and will not interfere in the process through which workers or their representatives negotiate terms and conditions of work with employers.


  1. Payment of remuneration. Suppliers shall pay remuneration in full and on time, as agreed upon in the contract of employment, in which the amount of remuneration shall not be lower than the minimum standard required by the applicable laws.


  1. Working hours. Suppliers shall arrange working hours reasonably. If overtime work is assigned, suppliers shall arrange for leave in lieu or pay additional remuneration in compliance with legal requirements and applicable agreements of employment.


  1. Work safety. For the purpose of preventing employees from accidents and injuries, suppliers shall provide employees witha safe, hygienic and healthy working environment, as well as education and training to ensure that employees acquire the necessary knowledge to work safely.


  1. Audit and supervision. LightInTheBox will initiate an investigation against suppliers if any potential violation of the Code is found. Suppliers shall respond to inquiries and requests promptly and honestly, make their products, facilities, and records accessible for the sake of audits, inspections, and tests, and collaborate with LightInTheBox to resolve relevant issues.


  1. Improvement actions. If suppliers violate this Code of Conduct, they will be granted to make remediation within a reasonable period of time. While the suppliers fail or refuse to rectify upon receipt of the remediation notice, LightInTheBox is entitled to unilaterally terminate business all or in part with the suppliers, without liability for any form of breach of agreements.